"On behalf of the team at the Australian Embassy in Riyadh, I warmly welcome ABMA's initiative to host a portal to assist Australian businesses operating in this region, and to help members of the Australian Business Group Saudi Arabia (ABGSA), the Australian Business Group Oman (ABGO) and Australian business interests in Bahrain communicate with their colleagues in the Gulf."

H.E Dr. Ralph King Australian Ambassador Saudi Arabia, Oman & Bahrain

"The Australian Business Council Middle East Association (ABMA) is a commendable initiative linking the Australian business groups in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). By creating a digital platform that provides combined information on the activities of the associations in the GCC, Australians and Australian companies world over can connect with the ABMA community, and get a better understanding of the business opportunities in the region."

Gerard Seeber, Consul General and Senior Trade Commissioner, Dubai

"This initiative is a great development for Australian businesses seeking opportunities in the region. It will strengthen Team Australia and will add to our many success stories to date. I’m delighted to encourage the efforts of Australian business groups in the region to help improve communication with colleagues and share information and know-how. "

Arthur Spyrou, Ambassador to United Arab Emirates

Australian Business Group Middle East Association “ABMA” is a coordinated association of the Australian Business Councils from across the GCC and broader Middle East region. The purpose of the association and its portal is to filter and communicate all the affiliated groups information and happenings in one place and connect members from each group more effectively across the region. As a body, we hope to provide our members with what they have asked for; greater regional connectivity. ABMA is endorsed and supported by the Embassies of each country and Consul General and Senior Trade Commissioner, Mr Gerard Seeber.

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