Australian Business Group Middle East Association “ABMA” is a coordinated association of the Australian Business Councils from across the GCC and broader Middle East region.

The purpose of the association and its portal is to filter and communicate all the affiliated groups information and happenings in one place and connect members from each group more effectively across the region. As a body, we hope to provide our members with what they have asked for;  greater regional connectivity.

There are currently six Australian business groups operating independently across the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) representing more than 2,000 Australian professionals working in the Region and collectively through the combined database reaching more than 5000 professionals in the region. ABMA provides a single point-of-entry for Government, Public Interest and Private Enterprise wishing to connect with Australians living and working across the Middle East or for those in the region wanting to connect with Australia. If you are a member of one group and wish to become an affiliated member of another, contact that group directly through the portal to find out about the affiliated membership rate. If you wish to see the upcoming events across the region look at the combined calendar and click through to book.